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Sandra Clitter is the President of Your Tech Tamer, LLC

Have you ever missed an email from an important person (e.g. your Boss or Best Client?)

Face it. We’re all inundated with email. Somewhere, amidst the Amazon offers, Dominos/Pizza Hut email, Alumni pleas, Event Invitations…and so on, and so on…are actually some “real” emails that require your attention! There are a bunch of ways to deal with moving unimportant emails ‘out of the way’ to review later (setup “rules”, people!), but […]

Anatomy of a Ransomware Hack

We have all heard that “ransomware” is on the rise and that no one is immune. It’s true and it’s scary. I got a call from a client last week that went something like this (I paraphrase), “Hey, Sandy, I got an email from a woman I know casually with an invoice attached. Should I […]

What are browser Add-Ins (Add-Ons), Extensions and Plug-Ins and why do I care?

It seems like every time you start to get on top of technology ‘lingo’, another term comes out. On top of that, depending on if you are a Google/Chromebook, Apple or Microsoft user, similar terms are given different names, so that you can’t tell that they’re really the same thing. Enter the world of web […]

GMail and Google Users BEWARE of this scam!

Yikes! It’s been way too long. So sorry…trust me, I have tons of stuff to share, just not enough time to write :-). That said, I just came across this article today – outlining a new, active and SUCCESSFUL scam to steal your Google/Gmail credentials and essentially, hack your life. Basically, you get an […]

Check the power strips that you have in your home/office

Hey, All! Hope your summer is treating you well. Lots going on, so the writing takes a back seat…sorry. I have tons of ideas to share, just not enough time to actually sit and write. That said, I had an ‘incident’ last week that made me say to myself, “Self, sit at the keyboard for […]

Ransomware Viruses spreading quickly

Hi, All – I know…I’ve been AWOL. It’s just been very busy. Not bad, just busy. Unfortunately, there’s a new threat to your computer and your data that is emerging (and growing rapidly) that compels me to actually ACT on writing a blog post, rather than just THINKING about it! You may have heard the […]

To Windows 10 or not to Windows 10 – that is the question

Hi, Gang! …and my now 88-year-old Uncle has the answer!! (we’re not surprised, are we?) Well, by now most of you have received some kind of pop-up window on your computer from Microsoft encouraging you to upgrade to Windows 10. A number of you have called or written asking if you should do it. My […]

Do you hesitate to view a LinkedIn profile because that person will know you’ve checked it out?

I don’t know about you, but this “Big Brother” world kind of creeps me out sometimes. I’m old school. I’m more used to privacy. Most weeks I’ll get an email from LinkedIn that says ‘Hey, check out the people who’ve viewed your profile’, and they show me THOSE PEOPLE’s profiles…plus, they try to get me […]

Time to stop saying “Microsoft never does anything for me” – seriously

I have a love/hate relationship with technology…as longtime readers of this blog know, I’m ‘of a certain age’…let’s just say that there were no such things as video games when I was a kid and be done with it. So, I’m a technology immigrant – technology landed in my world without asking my permission(!), or […]

Please, please do NOT use Facebook to sign in to other sites

We’ve all been there…we’re in a hurry to get something done, and the site we’re trying to access says ‘login using Facebook’ and well, you just click it. What’s the harm, right? I’m already logged into Facebook…it’ll be faster… UNTIL…you’ve been hacked. One of the most LIKELY TO GET HACKED paths you can take is […]