Monthly Archives: September 2012

How do I convert my Video/Audio files to view/listen on my PC?

There are what feels like a million different audio and video formats – each of which plays on a different device. GRRRRRRRR!!!! So frustrating…I never seem to have the correct format for the correct device. A good friend of mine had to take video for work, then upload it to the web in a WAV […]

Dropbox – What is it? Why do you have to have it?

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately…I have a cartoon hanging on my refrigerator which says ‘Summer – where laziness meets respectability’. Somehow, while I’ve been busy all the time, I haven’t been as concerned about meeting non-client related deadlines…until Labor Day hit…now I’m trying to get back into the saddle and get going! Anyway, you don’t […]