Monthly Archives: September 2014

Some maintenance tools for Mac Computers – yes, Apple does need some maintenance

Well, this week was the “Great iPhone6 Release”…I have a few friends who probably haven’t put the device down since UPS or FedEx dropped it at their door yesterday. Hopefully, you’re not like that poor guy who dropped it (literally) as he was taking it out of the box (iPhone6 Guy). Anyway, the iPhone frenzy […]

Don’t be caught by these new PHONE scams (and yes, one of them claims it is Microsoft)

Hi, All – This post is a bit different than some…a down and dirty warning about some old, but apparently resurrecting phone scams that are active right now. IF SOMEONE CALLS YOU AND TELLS YOU THAT THEY ARE FROM MICROSOFT, A UTILITY COMPANY, OR THE IRS, then ask you/tell you something akin to the following: […]