Monthly Archives: May 2011

Create your own keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts. We all know and love ’em. Whether they are computer related, or not, shortcuts make you feel like you’re getting more done in less time…you’re being more productive…you’re not wasting time on repetitive tasks, etc. We’ve all been there…wondering if there wasn’t an ‘easier way’. Well, I can’t help out with shortcuts in life, […]

What printer should I buy – Laser or Inkjet?

We all know that we can buy an inexpensive printer (maybe it is even thrown in with our computer purchase for ‘free’), but we end up spending a fortune on ink. Printers that use a single cartridge with all colors in it are typically more expensive to operate because you end up replacing ALL colors […]

Are directions to your business/home in online maps missing or incorrect?

Saturday, while I was putting stuff out on my driveway for a yard sale, I realized that maps – the kind you used to get at the gas station or AAA – are quickly becoming a thing of the past…maybe even collector’s items. I actually thought about pulling them back into the garage, but decided […]

A Great Example of the Power of Social Media

I’m sorry that I’ve been remiss in writing. It’s certainly not for lack of ideas! My list grows longer and longer…it’s the time to write (or lack thereof) that gets me! My apologies. All kinds of fascinating things have come to my attention recently, but one really caught my eye. Most people will admit that […]

Is there an easier way to access my “Cloud” storage?

In the last post, we discussed some free off-site computer storage which can be accessed from anywhere. If you have started using Amazon Cloud Drive storage or Google Docs or some other ‘cloud’ storage, you might find the various interfaces confusing, or get tired of always having to sign in to these alternate accounts to […]