Monthly Archives: January 2011

From the ashes (well actually, puddles) of a disaster…

Backups…one of ‘those’ words that no one wants to think about/deal with/contemplate. I know, it should qualify as a 4-letter word. Alas, it’s a lonely, 6-letter word (or 7-letter if its plural). I’ve ‘learned the hard way’ often enough (meaning I’ve lost data when a hard-drive fried or whatever) to be pretty good (Note: pretty […]

Dealing with Technophobia (fear of technology)

As some of you may have picked up during these discussions, while I am often considered a ‘techie’ by people who are intimidated by technology, I’m really not an early adopter (typically) of technology. I tend to take my time, allow other people to ‘take the lumps’, and then, when the technology (whatever it is) […]

Lessons from my 83-year-old Uncle

Do you ever have those moments of total clarity? Moments when you step back, look at something, and say ‘why didn’t I see that before’, or ‘why didn’t I think of that’, or whatever? Some people call them ‘Aha’ moments. Well, I recently had a two MAJOR ‘aha’ moments. Let me set the stage. My […]

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi, All! Sorry that I’ve been remiss in my postings…its not for lack of subject matter, but more from a hectic holiday season and end of year work. Anyway, that’s not excuse, but it is an explanation (of sorts). Now, I haven’t upgraded to Windows 7 as of yet, but I know that more and […]