Check the power strips that you have in your home/office

By Sandra Clitter  

Hey, All!

Hope your summer is treating you well. Lots going on, so the writing takes a back seat…sorry. I have tons of ideas to share, just not enough time to actually sit and write. That said, I had an ‘incident’ last week that made me say to myself, “Self, sit at the keyboard for a few minutes and share your story…you might help someone else.”

Without going into a ton of details, I’ll begin by saying that any day which includes the words ‘Well, after the firemen left my house…’ probably isn’t the best of days. Actually, it was a VERY GOOD day…my house did NOT burn down…but it could have…and it all started with a power strip.


After I had FOUR different experts (Fireman, Fire Inspector, PECO Lineman and Electrician) tell me – independently – that they’ve seen more house and office fires caused by power strips which really are NOT “real” surge suppressors, I vowed to replace ALL of them with the appropriate devices. You see, people use these power strips as extension cords, but these same non-surge suppressing power strips are VERY VULNERABLE to fire. If this particular power strip had NOT been sitting on tile, this story would have had a horrid ending. As it is, it’s just an expensive and inconvenient lesson.

When you are buying a surge suppressor/power strip, the ones that cost in the $10.00 and under neighborhood should be avoided. Spend $20.00 (or more, depending on how expensive the item you’re plugging into it), and REALLY protect your home and office. EVERY “PROPER” SURGE SUPPRESSOR in my house ‘blew up’ that day, but the ONLY ONE that caught fire was the non-rated one. The “proper” surge suppressors all fell on their proverbial swords, and ‘took the hit’, blocking the massive power surge that caused the inexpensive power strip to catch on fire, “killing” themselves, but saving the devices that were plugged into them.

This is an example of a well-rated device:

Surge Suppressor

I am NOT endorsing any particular brand, but the well-rated brands have this type of information on the box.

So, I got quite an education last week on power strips and surge suppressors. When purchasing anything to ‘extend’ your outlets (i.e. to get more outlets off of one outlet), or when trying to protect devices, spend the extra money and get one which is ‘rated’ and guaranteed to ‘take the hit’. The surge suppressor itself might be killed, but odds are that the devices plugged into it will be protected.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT…they’ll protect your home/office from fire.

I’m gonna go work on getting the smoke smell out of my house now…


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    It is important to maintain security in home office to prevent any accident. its good to share this type of information as well as reviews regarding appliances as well. your blog is informative. 🙂

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    Home offices are generating excessive popularity as there is improved productivity reported by many who have switched their office to home garden rooms. this is because basic expense is reduced down and tracking is easy than ever. your blog is cute and amazing. 🙂

  3. Karen Higgins
    Posted June 27, 2016 at 8:56 am | Permalink | Reply

    Great advice Sandy! Sorry you had to learn the hard way!

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