Monthly Archives: August 2011

Getting more accurate results from your Google searches

Sorry for the tardy post, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks…where do I begin…first, I had an emergency reconstruction of my laptop. Yes, my 5-year-old Lenovo finally bit the dust. While it caused a bit of a scramble, I lost NO DATA because I had it all well backed up – in several […]

Are you bored in TSA lines when traveling through airports? Off-Topic? Not really.

At first, this post seems to be way off-topic – but really, its not! Believe it or not, we have something to learn from a creative approach to an annoying problem – airport security lines and the TSA explanation of what we can/can not do as we approach the ‘dreaded’ screening point. As we deal […]

Can you create a shortcut to auto-paste your email address onto the clipboard?

Back in May, I wrote about ways to create your own keyboard shortcuts (Click here to see that post). A reader of that post posed the following question: Do you know how to create another type of shortcut? I want to have my email address entered with a Ctrl + something. Normally, I don’t post […]

Is your virtual desktop out of control?

I don’t know about you, but my computer desktop gets wayyyyyyyyy out of control (truth be told, my physical desktop needs some help, as well, but no one but me can help me there!). The icons on my computer desktop run amok. I have all kinds of 1/2 completed documents out there (temporary storage while […]