Monthly Archives: March 2011

Lessons a Phila Biz Learned Updating Its Old Website – Tips for Hiring a Web Developer

One of my clients, Ellen Fisher (Publisher of the Women’s Yellow Pages of Greater Philadelphia) and I had the pleasure of speaking with Joseph Mutidjo, a reporter for The following is a reprint of the article he wrote describing the process we went through when updating Ellen’s website. Lessons A Phila Biz Learned Updating […]

What the heck is an ‘add on’, ‘add in’, or ‘plug in’?

Does it seem to you like you need to learn a new language every week as technology marches forward. First, you figure out that a ‘mouse’ isn’t some small, furry creature hiding in your walls. Next, a ‘virus’ isn’t something that you have to go to the doctor to cure. Then, ‘tweet’ is no longer […]

Using the Power of Google to Help the Victims in Japan

I’m sure that many of us are feeling overwhelmed by the devastating news coming out of Japan – overwhelmed, disbelieving, helpless…the list goes on and on. I keep wondering ‘what else can go wrong’, and then something does – from potential nuclear meltdowns to freezing weather. While I can certainly donate money to the Red […]

Cheap and easy way to capture screen shots of your computer

Whether you’re trying to create documentation in a ‘how to’ manual, or send a screenshot to your boss, or trying to explain to Tech Support what’s going on with your computer, being able to do isolated screen captures is a marvelous capability to have. First, you should know that to capture your entire screen, you […]

Lessons in kindness to use in business and daily life…

For those of you who don’t know, I live outside of Philadelphia, PA, in an area surrounded by venerable colleges and universities. In some places, you can throw a rock in any direction and ‘hit’ an institution of higher learning. This last week, I heard of an event that occurred between two of those institutions, […]