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Some funny things happened on the way to installing Adobe Reader…

Where does the time go? Somehow, I think I got buried under the winter…I must have been mentally hibernating. Sorry, gang. Didn’t mean to abandon you! I’ve been having an…ummmm…interesting time with Adobe, in particular, Adobe Reader, lately. You know Adobe Reader…that ubiquitous program that allows you to read PDFs. 9 times out of 10, […]

Which device should I choose? How do I choose?

Time for another post, this one quick, from my 87-year-old Uncle’s. It is absolutely amazing that when I sit down with him, the blog topics just present themselves. Why? Because he’s 87, but doesn’t consider himself too old to learn technology. He’ll tackle most any technology…head-on. Is he always successful? No…but he tries! So, I’m […]

Another warning: Do NOT open PowerPoint Presentations from Strangers

Somehow, this seems appropriate during Halloween week…lots of warnings…lots of ‘be careful where you get your candy from’…Lots of ‘only trick-or-treat at houses you know’…that kind of thing. Well, as we all know, the same sort of caution applies to entering ‘unknown places’ on your computer – be it opening emails from strangers (be careful), […]

Don’t let these simple oversights be the reason your business loses valuable data

I get it…I TOTALLY get it. Protect your business and personal data. Back it up. Backup the backups. Destroy old documents. Keep your passwords safe and secure. Use strong passwords. *snore*…I so did NOT want to hear it again. That is, until I read an article from my insurance company (thank you, Hartford and author […]

Some maintenance tools for Mac Computers – yes, Apple does need some maintenance

Well, this week was the “Great iPhone6 Release”…I have a few friends who probably haven’t put the device down since UPS or FedEx dropped it at their door yesterday. Hopefully, you’re not like that poor guy who dropped it (literally) as he was taking it out of the box (iPhone6 Guy). Anyway, the iPhone frenzy […]

Don’t be caught by these new PHONE scams (and yes, one of them claims it is Microsoft)

Hi, All – This post is a bit different than some…a down and dirty warning about some old, but apparently resurrecting phone scams that are active right now. IF SOMEONE CALLS YOU AND TELLS YOU THAT THEY ARE FROM MICROSOFT, A UTILITY COMPANY, OR THE IRS, then ask you/tell you something akin to the following: […]

Do you miss your old typewriter – the clicks and clacks of the keys? If you own an iPad, you are in for a treat.

If you are a technology native (i.e. computers were part of the fabric of society when you were growing up and video games ruled the land, then you are a technology ‘native’), then this won’t resonate with you. If, however, like me, you are a technology immigrant, then this might hit home. I don’t know […]

Lets do some quick and easy housekeeping on our computers

IF YOU DON’T WANT THE “FLUFF”, scan down to the next BOLD/CAPITAL heading for the “MEAT” of the post Mea culpa, mea culpa. I have absolutely NO IDEA where the time goes, but it certainly flies. So sorry for being MIA, but the longer I didn’t write a post, the guiltier I got, then I […]

Yes, you really MUST pay attention to the Heartbleed “bug”

(Sorry, I don’t usually send out posts so close together, but this one is important) By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you MUST have heard about the “Heartbleed” Security flaw. And, yes, *sigh*, it DOES involve your passwords and online security. Some of your most prevalent websites were affected, potentially exposing your […]

Your Tech Tamer spotlighted by

Imagine our delight and surprise when we found out that we were to be‘s customer spotlight! While no one goes around looking for reasons to call any kind of Tech Support, we’ve found that it’s never painful to get on the phone with the friendly folks at HostMySite. Anyway, we enjoyed being interviewed for […]