GMail and Google Users BEWARE of this scam!

By Sandra Clitter  

Yikes! It’s been way too long. So sorry…trust me, I have tons of stuff to share, just not enough time to write :-).

That said, I just came across this article today – outlining a new, active and SUCCESSFUL scam to steal your Google/Gmail credentials and essentially, hack your life.

Basically, you get an email which LOOKS like it is from someone you know. You click on the image and it LOOKS like the Google signon. The word ‘Google’ even appears in the url. But BEWARE: It is NOT Google’s signon screen. You’ve moved to the hackers site.

The REAL Google signin screen starts with:
Other words/letters/numbers/characters may follow the .com, but there is NOTHING BEFORE THE https://accounts. That is the critical difference.

We’re getting smarter/more savvy about avoiding “evil” sites, so they have to get smarter/more savvy to draw you in. Don’t get sucked into this particular hack.

Safe browsing, everyone!

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