Monthly Archives: November 2010

Do you misplace files on your computer? Google Desktop to the rescue!

The other day, I had to locate a file on my computer that had been sent to me over a year ago. Really!?!? How am I supposed to remember where I put it? I don’t know about you, but just as I am likely to misfile my paper records, I can just as easily (perhaps […]

THANK YOU and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to drop a quick note of thanks to everyone who has helped to make the launch of this blog so wonderful and rewarding. Readership is growing every day, thanks to you ‘getting the word out’ and being so supportive. For those of us in the United States (for readers outside […]

Getting the word out: Economical e-mail blasting

Whew!!! First, I want to thank everyone who has given me such phenomenal feedback on this nascent blog. You have been wonderful in your reception. Your enthusiasm encourages me to make sure that I keep doing what I thought you wanted me to do – share my experiences and tidbits that I come across as […]

How on earth did you create your blog? Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 of this article, we covered how to get a blog established and how to tweek it once you’ve installed it to represent your style. Here, we’re going to speak more to the posts themselves, and some other, miscellaneous items. This is it gang, for the ‘how did you create your […]

How on earth did you create your blog? Part 2

Now that you’re hooked, and you’ve made the commitment to writing a blog, you need to install your platform. Again, for purposes here, I’m discussing only WordPress (because its what this blog is using), but there are all kinds of others out there. Google’s blog creator is ‘Blogger’ which you can find at Google […]

How on earth did you create your blog? Part 1

Since launching this blog a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had oodles of questions from people who want to know how I went about launching this blog, what they should do to start one, how hard the process was, etc. I’ll give a little background here, then expand on some of the areas in future […]

Backing up your Outlook files

The other day, we had a tip for the group of users who do NOT use Outlook as their primary mail program. Today, we have a helpful hint for those who DO use Outlook (as I do). I don’t know about you, but I could lose a lot of files on my computer and still […]

Setting the default mail client to a web-based service

Some people in this world actually do NOT use Outlook as their default e-mail client, but rather use Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, or Hotmail.  In fact, I would venture to say that a large portion of the population uses one of these web-based e-mail clients – at least in their private lives. There is one consistent […]

I’m published?!?!

As it happens, I love to write.  I’m not necessarily terrific at it, but I love to do it.  I love telling stories.  I wouldn’t mind writing a book, but I have no idea what the subject would be.  I guess that blogs may help the frustrated writer in some respects.  You don’t have an […]