Monthly Archives: October 2011

Get tired of your desktop background (wallpaper)?

When you spend as much time behind your computer as I do, sometimes you just want to do something ‘fun’ with your computer…I don’t mean ‘fun’ as in playing games (well, maybe YOU want to do that, but it’s just not my thing). By ‘fun’, I mean spicing up your computer with ‘funner’ things than […]

Thank you, Steve Jobs!

I never thought that I would feel moved to do this, but I have to write a brief note here to honor the life of Steve Jobs. I know that the media is overkilling his passing (no pun intended), but honestly, our world today looks like it does because of him. Many of us have […]

Want to set up Word with YOUR default Fonts and settings?

Ah…Microsoft Office…love it or hate it, for many of us, it is a way of life. Part of that life, of course, includes Microsoft Word for all things document or, ahem, ‘word’ related (sorry, I saw the pun coming off of my fingers as I began typing and just had to leave it in there). […]