About Our Tips Blog

Hi, there! Thanks for stopping by.

Technology can be a wonderful thing, but at times it is also overwhelming, frustrating, intrusive, _______ (fill in the blank).  Our blog is here to help you solve issues you’ve encountered and make your life easier.  We’ll also offer helpful tips where we run across them.  Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts.  We look forward to exploring with you.

In the interest of full-disclosure, I think it’s important that you realize that I am NOT typically an early adopter of technology. That might surprise you, since I work with technology as we refine client business processes, and I ‘talk’ about technology. For better or for worse, it’s the truth – I can be resistant to the latest trends. I have techie friends (i.e. “geeks”) who will be more than willing to verify this. In fact, I can dig my heels in with the best of them :-).

But here’s the flip-side to that: I’m not afraid to find technology that will solve my problems. Take this blog, for example. After procrastinating it’s ‘birth’ for a couple of years, when I finally realized the benefits, I dug in and found out that it was kinda fun – not bad at all. In setting up this blog, I’ve tried a bunch of different tools to accomplish what I want. Some worked, others didn’t. While I might have wasted some time along the way, I also learned a great deal that I can share with my clients. I’ll continue to try things out as I work to improve what I’m doing.

One of my favorite things is to discover a very useful tool that costs little-to-nothing, and makes my life much easier. I’ll give you two examples: I use a small download called CutePDF* to print to PDF (I’m not much of an Adobe user, other than Acrobat Reader). CutePDF is a wonderful tool, and I recommend it to many, many people.

Another low-cost, but indispensable tool for me as I work, is Snag-It*. Snag-It is an inexpensive tool that lets you do all sorts of screen captures AND allows you to do some image design/editing. It fits two criteria for me: First, it is easy to use (yippee!), and second, it is relatively inexpensive (particularly when compared to the Adobe products). It does most everything that I am capable of doing when editing images.

So, in this blog you’ll find lots of helpful hints – I’ll share them whenever I come across them – and free or low-cost tools that can make a world of difference to your computing experience.

We’re going to ‘seed’ this blog with a bunch of posts from our LinkedIn discussion group (Your Tech Tamer Forum), so there will be a bunch of initial posts on the same date (or relatively close to one another) that you may have already read.  Our apologies for that, but we want to share some of the best with people on this blog.

Our job is to help the technology work more seamlessly within your business.  We’re constantly on the hunt for ways to make that happen.  Take back your business from the technology!!  This doesn’t mean abandoning the technology, but working more harmoniously with it.  Honestly, there are ways to make that happen.

* Note: These are NOT paid endorsements…just my personal opinion.