Monthly Archives: January 2013

USB Flash Drives – Don’t forget to wipe them before discarding them

Ahhh…those ubiquitous little USB drives that litter our desks, briefcases, pockets, purses. How handy they are. How easy to lose. And, typically, we carry our most important information on them – or our current ‘most important’ projects. Once you’re done with the drive, you may just hand it over to someone else to use, or […]

To upgrade to Windows 8 or not to upgrade…that is the question (and yes, my Uncle did it!)

Happy New Year, everyone!!! I hope that you all enjoyed your holidays. Now, its back to reality, working on your New Year’s resolutions and generally getting things ready for another productive year. Many of you may have gotten a Windows 8 device as a gift, or are considering a Windows 8 device in the New […]