Monthly Archives: December 2010

Does a sluggish or slow computer mean I need to buy a new one?

I don’t know about you, but I get very annoyed by the concept of ‘disposable technology’. What you ask, is that? “Disposable technology” implies that there is a planned obsolescence in the gadgets and gizmos that we buy. In truth, that’s correct. Technology is being developed so quickly, that before you even unpackage that brand […]

Happy Holidays! The Nativity seen through 2010 eyes

OK…so I hadn’t intended on posting again before next week, but this link just landed in my Inbox and had me laughing so hard that I just had to share it. Those who really feel that Social Media is intrusive will laugh, as will people who see the value in it. I have no idea […]

Does your computer have alot of programs you never use?

It’s almost the New Year (well, 10 days away), and close enough to start thinking about my New Year’s resolutions. Every year, my first resolution (after ‘taking more time for myself’) is to clear off my desk and clean up my computer. I do NOT want to admit how I fare on any of the […]

Inexpensive Gift Idea: Tech Support Care Package

‘Tis the season of pulling one’s hair out trying to come up with good gift ideas. Sometimes the best ideas are those which come from the heart, rather than the pocketbook. I just learned about another fabulous Google offering which I had NEVER HEARD of before. Usually, when one hears ‘Google product’, one thinks of […]

Is your Firefox Browser getting slow? Quick tip that may help…

This is just a really quick, down-and-dirty tip for Firefox users (if you don’t know what it is, Firefox is an Internet Browser that’s NOT Internet Explorer, but IS really good)… If you find your Firefox (Mozilla) seems to run terribly slow after you download something from the internet, try this: Open up your Browser […]

Creating PDF’s for free

I don’t know about you, but there are plenty of times when I want/need to turn a document (be it a Word, Excel, web page, online receipt, etc.) into a PDF document. If you’re not sure why you’d want to do this, please read on. If you want to do it, but don’t think you […]