Monthly Archives: October 2010

Buddy’s Big Adventure

Monday was a beautiful day for a walk…really, it was. In fact, one of my house cats, Buddy, decided that it was a good day for a walk, as well, and headed out the front door as I headed into the house loaded down with laptops and shopping bags and no free arms. Not a […]

Some fun for a Friday Afternoon (absolutely seriously not business related!!)

I’m sitting in my office late on a Friday afternoon (post-closing time) waiting for one of my clients to call and say ‘the coast is clear’, so that I can do some off-hours work. While waiting, I decided that I could sift through some of the paper that seems to accumulate on my desk when […]

A funny thing happened on the way to my Google search…

Google is an everyday part of my life, as I’m sure that it is for many of you. I use iGoogle for my Home Page (that’s a personalized start-up page on Google, tailored to my specific wants and desires). Its not often that I use ‘classic’ Google. Sometimes I miss some fantastic Google Doodles because […]

Be careful when relying on Flash for your website

I spent last weekend redoing my website which was only about 9 months old. If you look at it it doesn’t appear to have changed much. The change was to remove Flash from my site and made it strictly an HTML site. Why? There were a couple of reasons. First, because I found Flash very […]

Has your computer ever…

I could probably complete that line 100 different ways, and someone or someones would answer ‘yes’. We are all too familiar with the quirks of computers. Why does something behave this way on one computer, and that way on another computer? Sometimes the answer is obvious, sometimes not so obvious. While I enjoy doing presentations […]

Is a Paperless Office Possible?

I came across an article about “The Paperless Office” the other day ( It’s title is “Is the ‘paperless’ office here at last?” Hmmm…seems to me that back in the dark ages – when I was just getting into business, and computers were new on the scene – that that was one of the main […]

OK…I’ve heard of ‘road rage’, but ‘e-mail rage’?

Its the end of a long, difficult day. You’re driving home from the office or a client when this numskull cuts you off or almost sideswipes you. Your blood pressure elevates about 50 points, you try to think of suitable ‘retribution’, you come up with a perfect tongue-lashing (remember, you’re in your car), but by […]

Be careful when applying security/anti-virus updates – make sure they are legitimate before clicking!

Everyone has heard about various internet scams – like getting $1m from some Nigerian if only you hand over your bank account numbers – but increasingly, the scammers are getting smarter, and looking more ‘authentic’, and getting well-educated professionals to fall for their scams. Before you say, “Sandy, I wouldn’t be that stupid…”, make sure […]

Quick and easy way to cut your printer ink charges

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I get really irked at the cost of ink for my inkjet printer. The printer cost me about $1.99 (well, not really, but after several years the cost of the printer is insignificant compared to the cost of the ink that I’ve fed it). The ink […]

Is your website safe from hackers? Probably not (but this isn’t meant to be a scary story)…

For the second time in less than a year, I found myself spending time this week dealing with a website that was ‘hijacked’ by someone with less than honorable intentions – it had been ‘hacked’.  What does that mean?  Do you need to worry about it?  How do you fix it if it happens?  While […]