Monthly Archives: April 2011

Simple, free way to begin using “Cloud” computing

What the heck is ‘cloud computing’ and why do I care? If I decide I care about it, how can I take advantage of it? First of all, there’s a good chance that you’re already taking advantage of ‘cloud computing’ – whether you know it or not. If you use your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, […]

Another tool to keep your computer running in a tip-top manner

I used to have an acquaintance that said she never wore the same blouse twice. What? What do you mean? I probably wear my blouses for way past their ‘best look’ lifespan. How could this person not wear a blouse twice? Well, I started paying attention, and darned if she didn’t wear a different blouse […]

What does “Defrag” do anyway?

OK…so you know that you’re supposed to “defrag” your computer, but most people don’t know why they’re doing it, or what it’s supposed to accomplish. Others don’t know where/how to do it. Here’s a quick lesson. “Defragging” your computer is short for ‘defragmenting’. Computer hard drives get disorganized as information is added and deleted. While […]