Managing Photos and Video – it is soooo not my ‘thing’

By Sandra Clitter  

Just so you know, managing photos and videos are really NOT my ‘thing’, yet questions on these items tend to generate a bunch of questions by readers of my blog. Honestly, my solution is ‘let someone else do it’, but that’s not really offering useful advice now, is it? I don’t think that ignoring the subject is too useful, either.

Confession: I have NEVER actually shot a video (well technically, that’s not true…one time I accidentally switched my digital camera to ‘video’ and took a time-lapse ‘photo’, but I don’t think that that counts).

I DO take photos from time-to-time, but I’m not the family historian, either. I do NOT enjoy spending a lot of time tweaking photos, either. I AM pretty good at resizing images and cropping them. That’s the level of my ‘expertise’. To the graphic artists and some others, I’m sure, that sounds pretty lame, but its the truth.

Unfortunately, this makes me push the requests for information on video/photo editing into the ‘too hard’ basket :-). Sorry gang, just being honest.

SOOOOOOOO, when I saw an article in PC World, written by Patrick Miller, titled “Shoot, Share, and Edit Your Photos and Video on the Cheap” I gave a whoop! Someone else has the information that my readers have been requesting. YEAH!!!!

Patrick gives you links to video editing (cheaply) in this article. Additionally, he gives you tips on photo editing and sharing by sharing this link. (Both articles are written by Jonathan Wylie, also of PC World).

Let me say a heartfelt – thank you, Patrick (Jonathan, we thank you, as well…Patrick pointed, you actually compiled the information)!!! You ventured where I just haven’t trod!!!

I will add my 2-cents worth here: No program, particularly those which are free, is perfect. Each service is going to be stronger in one area than another. Before putting all your ‘eggs’ in one basket, upload a few images or videos and ‘play around’ with the various alternatives. For some people one feature is more important than another. Find the service that is stronger in those areas that are most important to you and then start loading up that ‘basket’!

Happy editing and sharing!!!!


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    That’s great info for the newbie or someone who is photo and video phobic.

    I’d like to add to what was written by speaking up for the Mac owners. Now YOU know that I’m not a Mac snob and have only been using my MacBook Pro for about 20 months, but here are some tips for people using a Mac.

    For video, iMovie is VERY easy to use. If you can drag a video clip, drag some music, and type in a title, it’s VERY simple. Oh, sure… Dr. Marc and I get fancier and push the boundaries of what iMovie can do, but for someone who wants to create great looking (but simple-to-produce videos), iMovie is terrific.

    And for photos, there iPhoto. Import from your camera (by taking the card from the camera and inserting it into your Mac or by attaching a USB wire that came with the camera) and ask iPhoto to import. You can turn the photos, take out red eye, and upload to your favorite photo-sharing location (including Facebook) with 2 or 3 clicks.

    AND THEN – if you want to use one of your photos in your video, just drag one from the iPhoto tab in iMovie and voila! It’s great how these two programs work together.

    Really… I’m not a techno nerd (I just play one on the Internet) and I have found these VERY easy to use.

    So Mac people unite: we have iMovie and iPhoto to come to our rescue. And they are sweet little programs.

    Charlie Seymour Jr <== see some of our videos here – all made in iMovie

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      Thanks, Charlie!!! I KNEW that you would pop on with some words of wisdom, since you and Dr. Marc are so involved with bringing the web to ‘life’ – not to mention your years as a professional photographer. Thanks for the pointers.

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