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Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Oh My! What does it all mean?

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a black phone that sat in the hallway. It went ‘ring-ring’ when someone wanted to speak with you. You dialed when you wanted to speak with someone else, and the black phone went ‘ring-ring’ on their end. Alas, that time has come and […]

Managing Photos and Video – it is soooo not my ‘thing’

Just so you know, managing photos and videos are really NOT my ‘thing’, yet questions on these items tend to generate a bunch of questions by readers of my blog. Honestly, my solution is ‘let someone else do it’, but that’s not really offering useful advice now, is it? I don’t think that ignoring the […]

Want to set up Word with YOUR default Fonts and settings?

Ah…Microsoft Office…love it or hate it, for many of us, it is a way of life. Part of that life, of course, includes Microsoft Word for all things document or, ahem, ‘word’ related (sorry, I saw the pun coming off of my fingers as I began typing and just had to leave it in there). […]

Some iOS ideas (that’s Apple’s Operating System for PC users)

Everywhere I go, I see iPads, iPhones and iTouches. While I admire each of these devices, I must do a mea culpa here and admit that I have yet to purchase one. No, I’m not an Apple hater. I think that their devices are slick and elegant. I have an (albeit Generation 2) iPod. I […]