Some iOS ideas (that’s Apple’s Operating System for PC users)

By Sandra Clitter  

Everywhere I go, I see iPads, iPhones and iTouches. While I admire each of these devices, I must do a mea culpa here and admit that I have yet to purchase one. No, I’m not an Apple hater. I think that their devices are slick and elegant. I have an (albeit Generation 2) iPod. I love it. It is years and years old, and still works just fine.

Here’s my issues (not that you care, but I know someone will bring it up, so I might as well ‘fess up right away).

1. I don’t have an iPad because I think that I might like a smaller, more compact e-reader. I’m not going to invest in both devices right now, so I will pick, and I’m leaning to the e-reader side of the world. I love how easy they are to read outdoors (I love the beach), and how small they are. While iPads are more versatile, I think that I’d get the most use out of the e-reader feature, rather than alot of the other things.

2. I don’t have an iPhone because, quite frankly, I actually use my smartphone as, yes, a phone! The service for both AT&T and Verizon is terrible in my home…therefore, the iPhone is out of the question for me until the service of the phone portion is improved.

3. I don’t have an iTouch because my ancient iPod still works perfectly well, and I can’t see throwing it away while its working and doing everything that I need it to do. Additionally, I have my Android phone which does the non-music chores that the iTouch does in addition to playing music.

All that said, I have had an opportunity to play around with an iPad (more on that in a later post) and find it quite a pleasant experience…not life-changing, but perfectly fun. I’ve played on a few iTouch and iPhone devices, as well. Sleek and elegant, for sure.

Unfortunately, because I don’t own an Apple device constructed in this decade, I don’t pay attention to that many iThing articles. Then, every once and a while, I feel guilty being so PC-centric (or Android-centric), so I’ll read an article that comes along. Today, when I saw an article titled My iOS Love Affair, I had to pop it open and read it. It mentions a product called ‘Splashtop’ which, for $1.99, allows users to view their Apple laptop, desktop, or Windows machines remotely. While I can’t check it out personally, it sounded very interesting. Perhaps some Mac/iPad users can let me know if it works as slickly as it sounds.

I also came across Ten Ways to Work Smarter on Your iPad which seemed to offer several good tips. I could see myself using them – if and when I actually get an iPad!

What are your favorite Apple tools? As I get closer to purchasing one, I find myself more interested in the ‘toys’ that are available.


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    Highly energetic post, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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    Changing operating systems can be a challenge, but when Dr. Marc and I changed from Windows in early 2010 (I had been a Microsoft user since 1982… but if I can go from DOS to early Windows, making a change shouldn’t have been a big problem, right?), it did take me a while to get used to my MacBook Pro.

    I was never a laptop guy before. Oh, sure… I had OWNED one, but I used it only to help project photography for clients – but I never liked it.

    I had purchased a new computer every 18 months or so as memory increased and storage exploded. Dual processors with enough RAM to keep most projects in memory and off “virtual memory” (read that the hard drive).

    But once I learned a few differences (key strokes as much as anything), it’s been VERY happy sailing.

    Now, wherever we go (I’m writing this from the Toronto airport on their WiFi), I take my whole publishing “empire” with me – videos, audios, and text.

    And now I can write to you too!

    Charlie Seymour Jr

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    My iPod is also a 2nd generation and still works perfectly fine too. But, I do have an iPhone (3 – upgrading to 5 when it comes out soon) and an iPad 2, and I love both of them. What I love most about the iPad is that I can now carry that on the road instead of a laptop because it does everything I need a laptop to do on the road, and more. I use it as much for personal stuff as I do for work stuff, so it goes with me almost everywhere now. The iBooks app is great for downloading and reading. I’ve used it outside and it works great – not sure how it compares to other eReaders on the market because I haven’t used those outside.

    Splashtop is great for the iPad, especially for the price. I have other remote desktop apps too but Splashtop just seems easier to use and it definitely works as promised.

    Thanks for the Ten Ways to Work Smarter article. I didn’t know some of those keyboard tips before and they will definitely come in handy!

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