Inexpensive Gift Idea: Tech Support Care Package

By Sandra Clitter ใ€€

‘Tis the season of pulling one’s hair out trying to come up with good gift ideas. Sometimes the best ideas are those which come from the heart, rather than the pocketbook. I just learned about another fabulous Google offering which I had NEVER HEARD of before. Usually, when one hears ‘Google product’, one thinks of free and/or inexpensive. They’ve done it again!!

Google has created/packaged a new ‘Computer Tutorials’ which they are labeling ‘Teach Parents Tech’, but which can be sent to ANYONE (yourself included). While the tutorials focus on very basic items, and on Google products, they are still very valuable to technophobes, or non-techy folks.

I believe that this is a brand-new Google feature, as there are only 16,161 senders as of this writing. I have already fired off a few to dear members of my family who lovingly refer to me as the ‘Help Desk’. If I can direct them to one of these videos, it’s much easier than trying to explain over the phone, and having everyone get exasperated at everyone else :-).

So, where do you find this ‘gift’? Simply go to:

Here’s what you’ll find…remember, this is going to send the recipient (even if its you) and e-mail with embedded video links, so first, you have to create the e-mail. Simply fill in the blanks, select the videos you want to share, then click the ‘Preview’ button (at the bottom of the screen, not shown on this image):

(REMEMBER: The links and buttons and checkboxes, etc. in the images below do NOT work…these are ‘screenshots’ of the Google screens – not ‘live action’. To try it out for yourself, go to

Google Tutorials Select Screen

Next, you review what you’re sending. Check out your handiwork, and make sure that you’re sending the correct tips (even if it’s to yourself – nothing says you can’t give yourself a gift, right?):

Google Tutorials Preview

Enter the to/from e-mail addresses:

Google Tutorials E-mail

Lastly, send it off…you’ll get a confirmation:

Google Tutorials Confirm

Then, the e-mail will arrive (you’ll get a copy and the recipient will get a copy)…here’s what it looks like:

Check it out…help yourself, or someone else, or both of you!


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