Setting the default mail client to a web-based service

By Sandra Clitter  

Some people in this world actually do NOT use Outlook as their default e-mail client, but rather use Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, or Hotmail.  In fact, I would venture to say that a large portion of the population uses one of these web-based e-mail clients – at least in their private lives.

There is one consistent annoyance when trying to use a web-based e-mail instead of the ubiquitous Outlook (and, with the cost of Office, more and more people are not investing in this tool, opting for the free OpenOffice suite and web-based e-mail)…and that is when you want to click a ‘mail-to’ link on a web-page, and the computer you are on searches and searches and tries to open up Outlook to send the e-mail – regardless of whether or not you even have Outlook installed on that computer.

You end up cursing the computer, freezing it up, or generally frustrated.  RELAX!!!  Help is one the way :-).

There is a wonderful, FREE tool called GMailDefaultMaker ( that will allow you to set Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail or GMail as your default mail client.  You install it and forget it.  It does NOT take up system resources.  Simply download, install and forget it.  From that point forward, when you click on a ‘mail to’ link on any given web page, your web-based e-mail client will open instead of getting stuck with Outlook trying to open.

For some reason or other, the tool has not gotten a new name, but it should since Gmail isn’t the only web mail that it supports!

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