I’m published?!?!

By Sandra Clitter  

As it happens, I love to write.  I’m not necessarily terrific at it, but I love to do it.  I love telling stories.  I wouldn’t mind writing a book, but I have no idea what the subject would be.  I guess that blogs may help the frustrated writer in some respects.  You don’t have an editor redlining you.  You get instant gratification.  The WORLD can see what you’ve written.  That’s all well and good, but no one is necessarily clamoring for my ‘pearls of wisdom’.

Well, imagine my surprise when an article that I’d written on the annoyingly critical, but boring, subject of Cash Flow actually made it to print this month in the November issue of “Construction Business Owner”.  I am thrilled that they thought my musings were worthy of valuable page space.  While I do want to start writing more for ‘real’ publications, I hope that some of the topics about which I get asked to write can be a bit more ‘funner’.

As many of my dear friends and clients who are in the Construction trades know, you can win some of the seemingly best contracts, or get sales on a remarkable number of houses with fabulous upgrades, but unless you can actually finance that construction, you’ll soon be wishing that you had never heard of that job (or those jobs).

Knowing what ‘good’ Cash Management is can be critical to the health and continuity of any business…it doesn’t have to be in the construction trades (though those work with some mighty hefty numbers).  Thinking about it BEFORE accepting a job or a contract is vital.  Make sure before you make that commitment that you’ve thought through how you’re going to pay for it BEFORE YOU GET PAID!!!

These were my thoughts on this scintillating subject as published by “Construction Business Owner” magazine:



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    very interesting article! I will follow your themes.
    Can I subscribe to your posts on Twitter or on your Facebook profile?

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      Thanks for visiting!! The more the merrier…pass along the link to anyone who might find it useful.

      Yes, you can subscribe via Twitter…simply go to http://www.yourtechtamer.com/blog/ and scroll down the page. You’ll see a Twitter subscription form on the left side.

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