Be careful when relying on Flash for your website

By Sandra Clitter  

I spent last weekend redoing my website which was only about 9 months old. If you look at it it doesn’t appear to have changed much. The change was to remove Flash from my site and made it strictly an HTML site. Why? There were a couple of reasons. First, because I found Flash very cumbersome and difficult to work in when I wanted to make what I felt were relatively simple adjustments to the site. Second, and perhaps most important, was the fact that Flash does not display on many Smartphones – most notably, the iPhone. So, if someone with an iPhone went to my site, they would get nothing.

Today, articles are appearing saying that Adobe (the maker of Flash) will NOT be releasing a version that will run on iPhones (Apple and Adobe have a long running feud). As portable devices such as various Smartphones (including the iPhone), iPad, etc. become more important in how people reach their information (most particularly the web), this becomes critical when constructing websites.

My recommendation (I believe in renting some of my scars from others and learning from their mistakes), use Flash only sparingly (if at all) on the web…trust me, ‘un-Flashing’ something takes some work!!! Most people aren’t on your website for the ‘glitz’, they are on your site for the content.

Here’s the article about Adobe’s abandonment of the ‘Flash on the iPhone’ project:

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