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Have you ever missed an email from an important person (e.g. your Boss or Best Client?)

Face it. We’re all inundated with email. Somewhere, amidst the Amazon offers, Dominos/Pizza Hut email, Alumni pleas, Event Invitations…and so on, and so on…are actually some “real” emails that require your attention! There are a bunch of ways to deal with moving unimportant emails ‘out of the way’ to review later (setup “rules”, people!), but […]

Do you ever want to delay the delivery of an e-mail?

There are a fair number of times when I compose an e-mail, but it’s not the correct time to send it. Perhaps I don’t want someone to know that I was working on something over the weekend. Maybe I have a report to e-mail on Monday morning, but I’m not going to be in my […]

Backing up your Outlook files

The other day, we had a tip for the group of users who do NOT use Outlook as their primary mail program. Today, we have a helpful hint for those who DO use Outlook (as I do). I don’t know about you, but I could lose a lot of files on my computer and still […]