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So we picked out our new system. Now we want to start implementing it and we don't have the resources to do that...cont'd

The key to any successful software selection and implmentation is analysis and planning, analysis and planning, and oh, yeah, analysis and planning. With these two key elements, you are poised to begin a successful system implmementation.

Assistance with software selection

Where do we even begin? There are several products available for our type of industry. Which is right for us? Your Tech Tamer has participated in the software selection process for dozens of organizations. From floor covering to boutique pharmaceuticals to homebuilders to restaurants - all have needed new or upgraded systems, and requested assistance with the selection and/or implementation process. While YTT can never make the final decision, it can lay out the alternatives (pros and cons) among competing products, helping you to make an informed decision.

Assistance with Implementation

OK...Now you have made your selection...The deposit has been made...NOW WHAT? Your staff is already overworked. There aren't enough hours in the day to do any 'extra' work, yet it has to get done. Hire the expertise - temporarily. YTT can help you come up with a realistic implementation plan, assist with the prototype testing and analysis, help to set a realistic timeline, and help you maintain the course to success. Having someone whose complete attention is on "The Project" allows your team to focus on their work and their tasks during the implementation.

Assistance with Training

WE DID IT!!! We have tested our new system in prototype. We've reviewed our reporting. We're all set to go live. Now what? How can we get everyone trained? YTT can provide specialized training on your software to your staff. From individual training classes to group classes. From master file setup to end of period accounting. We know that you want to train your staff appropriately...You just don't have the time. Let us help you.

Assistance with Documentation

We're up and running!!! Our new system is terrific!!! We're thrilled we changed! Now we understand all the nuances of our system: Our CFO knows how to close the books. The Purchasing Manager knows how to read the Inventory Reports. The Sales Manager knows how to run a Backlog Report. Everyone knows their job! BUT...What happens if one of them leaves or gets sick or goes on vacation, just when you need critical information? Do you have documentation to detail all of the processes and systems? The "Where do I go to find it?" or "Where do I run the report?" or "Where do I do this task?"

Document the answers to those questions for each of your departments. Not only will they be good "in case of an emergency", but they make wonderful training guides for new hires. While every company has good intentions of actually writing the documentation, many fail to actually accomplish this critical step. Best practices says that you must actually get it down on paper (or the electronic version). That's going to take more time that you already don't have! Your Tech Tamer will be glad to help.