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A Great Example of the Power of Social Media

I’m sorry that I’ve been remiss in writing. It’s certainly not for lack of ideas! My list grows longer and longer…it’s the time to write (or lack thereof) that gets me! My apologies. All kinds of fascinating things have come to my attention recently, but one really caught my eye. Most people will admit that […]

Happy Holidays! The Nativity seen through 2010 eyes

OK…so I hadn’t intended on posting again before next week, but this link just landed in my Inbox and had me laughing so hard that I just had to share it. Those who really feel that Social Media is intrusive will laugh, as will people who see the value in it. I have no idea […]

How on earth did you create your blog? Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 of this article, we covered how to get a blog established and how to tweek it once you’ve installed it to represent your style. Here, we’re going to speak more to the posts themselves, and some other, miscellaneous items. This is it gang, for the ‘how did you create your […]

How on earth did you create your blog? Part 2

Now that you’re hooked, and you’ve made the commitment to writing a blog, you need to install your platform. Again, for purposes here, I’m discussing only WordPress (because its what this blog is using), but there are all kinds of others out there. Google’s blog creator is ‘Blogger’ which you can find at www.blogger.com. Google […]

Buddy’s Big Adventure

Monday was a beautiful day for a walk…really, it was. In fact, one of my house cats, Buddy, decided that it was a good day for a walk, as well, and headed out the front door as I headed into the house loaded down with laptops and shopping bags and no free arms. Not a […]