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What the heck is an ‘add on’, ‘add in’, or ‘plug in’?

Does it seem to you like you need to learn a new language every week as technology marches forward. First, you figure out that a ‘mouse’ isn’t some small, furry creature hiding in your walls. Next, a ‘virus’ isn’t something that you have to go to the doctor to cure. Then, ‘tweet’ is no longer […]

How on earth did you create your blog? Part 2

Now that you’re hooked, and you’ve made the commitment to writing a blog, you need to install your platform. Again, for purposes here, I’m discussing only WordPress (because its what this blog is using), but there are all kinds of others out there. Google’s blog creator is ‘Blogger’ which you can find at www.blogger.com. Google […]

How on earth did you create your blog? Part 1

Since launching this blog a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had oodles of questions from people who want to know how I went about launching this blog, what they should do to start one, how hard the process was, etc. I’ll give a little background here, then expand on some of the areas in future […]