What does your website look like on a Smartphone?

By Sandra Clitter  

I’ve been working with a lot of people lately on websites – new websites, data-driven websites, new business websites, SEO recommendations, etc. As I’ve found myself in these discussions, I’ve found that there is one part of website discussions that does NOT come up as often as it should. That part is this question:


This question is one that you MUST ask yourself these days. More and more people are getting Smartphones (iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, etc). In fact, its getting hard to get a plain ‘ole phone (I’ve heard more than one person complain bitterly that they just don’t want a camera or anything else on their cell phone, but can’t find a simple one). Why does that matter to you? Many websites appear just fine on a Smartphone, but certain technologies look odd, or don’t appear at all on a Smartphone (e.g. Flash).

When getting a website overhaul or new design, make sure that you view an early draft of the design on a Smartphone! If you don’t have a Smartphone, find someone who does, and ask them to pull up your site.  If it doesn’t look good, ask your web designer to tweak it to appear better, or have a alternate, ‘mobile’ site, designed with content only (alot of the pretty graphics are stripped out).  I’ve found – to my pleasant surprise – that the first alternative (tweaking the live site to appear a bit better on a Smartphone) is often totally acceptable.

More and more people get the majority of their information from their “phones” (are they really just ‘phones’ anymore?). You don’t want a potential client to bypass calling your company just because your website went haywire on their Smartphone and your competitor’s site looked good.

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